Date(s) - 15/05/2019

6:15 pm

Scribe E :

Location: Ilkeston

Chapter No: 506

1    To open the Convocation.


2     To read, or take as read, the summons convening the Chapter.


3    To confirm, and if approved, adopt the minutes of the Convocation held 27th February 2019


4     To invest those Officers not present at the Installation Convocation.

Steward: Comp. D, Greening & Janitor Ex. Comp.  J. J. Malyon PZ


  1.  To Ballot for as Candidates for Exaltation:

Bro. Graham Whitehead, a master mason of and hailing from the Mundy Grove Lodge No. 506.

Proposed by Ex.Comp. N. Ruddiman and Seconded

by Ex. Comp. R. Healey and:

Bro. Christopher Paul Sisson, a master mason of and hailing from the Aretas Lodge No. 4268. Proposed by Comp. G. Pitts and seconded by Ex. Comp. Nick Daines


  1. If present and elected to Exalt Bro. Graham Whitehead.


  1. To receive Notices of Motion, Propositions, & Apologises.


  1. To receive for signature the Report of the Inventory Committee.


  1. To receive at the Risings Communications from:

1)   Supreme Grand Chapter,

2)   Provincial Grand Chapter,

3)   General Communications


  1. To close the Convocation and collect an Offertory.